Big Barda


Background Info:


Big Barda was picked up as a stray and surprisingly never claimed.  Because of her impressive appearance, which could have subjected her to the wrong attention, a plea was made for her rescue. Once we met her we knew we had to make room for her.  She will never have to worry about falling in the wrong hands again. This remarkable beauty  is safe with us. 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Female
Age:  3-5 yrs
Weight:  75-85 lbs
Color:  Fawn & White

Health Condition:

Big Barda is healthy and ready for adoption.


Physical Description:  

This golden beauty is a head-turner!! On the large side for a female, stocky, big head and a beautiful face. Please understand that those pictures dont do her justice at all. She is much better looking in person and an amazing breed representative. 


Living Situation:  

Barda lives at MPR and is handling her stay like a pro! She is well behaved, patient in her kennel and easy to handle. No trouble at all and very lovable. 



Outgoing girl, confident but very responsive. She seems comfortable in just about any situation. Not shy at all, but not pushy or dominant either. She's an all-around very well-adjusted girl.

Barda's level energy is medium. She loves going on walks (and does well on the leash), will play a little and show enthusiasm for fun, but cuddling on the couch is very much a favorite activity. 

Behavior with people: 

Outgoing, very friendly, at ease with everyone she meets. We have a feeling Barda has a great genetic background with a rock solid temperament.

While she loves people, she does have a protective side, amplified by her imposing appearance. This is a dog that will make you feel safe when she's at your side. That said, such remarkable beauty is also at risk of attracting the wrong kind of attention so she needs to be protected as well. 


Behavior with children:  

We dont have a lot of info about Barda's disposition with children but nothing indicates she wouldn't be an awesome big sister. She has a nanny-dog personality, is comfortable in her skin and doesn't get bothered by much. We bet she would thrive with a big family with kids. She is quite large though and will occasionally burst into enthusiastic zoomies. Something to keep in mind if you have little ones. 

Behavior with other dogs:  

We prefer a home as an only pet for our Big Barda. We believe she might have had some unpleasant experiences with other dogs before and being a social butterfly with other pets is not her forte. Barda is a people-dog and her great disposition with humans is where she shines. 


Behavior with other animals:  

Unknown but we prefer a home as an only pet for her. That said, she doesn't seem to have an overly high prey drive. She's pretty easy-going. 



Smart, responsive and eager to please. Barda keeps her kennel clean and uses the doggy-door to let herself in her outdoor run to do her business. In fact, she will hold it as long as possible to use the yard instead of her kennel. She seems very housebroken. 

Our dog walkers said she doesn't pull on the leash, is not reactive and is easy to walk. 

Best Attribute:   

A beauty inside and out! This laid back and affectionate dog is a breed ambassador and we are very proud to have her in the program. We know a family will feel the same way about her when they open their heart to this gem. 

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