Barbecue "Barbie"

"Barbeqyou, barbeqme, barbeqeverybody!  All you need is fun on an island in the sun.  Barbeqyou, barbeqme, barbeqeverybody!" 
Background Info:

This funny-lady  was found all tangled up in a BBQ grill with her tie out. Animal control came to her rescue and

pulled her out of her predicament. We believe this was Barbie's cue to tell us what a fun-loving and spirited girl she was. We should have known better, lol! 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Female
Age:  1-3 yrs
Weight:  45- 55 lbs
Color:  Blue Tri-Color
Good with dogs:  Unknown
Good with cats:  Unknown

Health Condition:

BBQ is spayed, up-do-date on vaccinations and heartworm prevention, microchipped and all around very healthy girl.

Living Situation:  

Barbie is currently housed in our mini shelter. She's trying her best to be a good sport about her situation but Barbie's super outgoing, energetic and very smart personality requires more action than shelter life. Yet, she's being very patient considering how smart and eager to be active she is. Barbecue would make an excellent running partner, or a great companion in a home full of active teenagers. She is quite the social butterfly. 


Barbie likes to be the life of the party. She has a BIG personality and loves to shine.  This clown-on wheels is a very funny dog who likes to "talk back" when you tell her something. She'll let you know if you're not paying enough attention to her antics. She's a riot. In fact, BB is not an ideal dog if you are looking for an independent, quiet couch-potato. She has way too much fun in life to just hang in there doing nothing. BBQ wants to be busy, explore the world, play, have fun and THEN end the day passed out on the couch. 

While Barbie might come across as dominant if someone doesn't have the right leadership with her, she is actually very eager to please those who have the right approach for her.  This dog thrives on strong leadership and will worship anyone who's in charge. She is not the right dog for someone who's expecting a dog with a meek personality. She's way too smart for that.

That said, Barbie is a an affectionate dog and she loves her cuddle time. While she is active, she is not hyper by any means. She'll entertain herself in the yard with a toy and then will sit quietly and watch the birds and the clouds go by.  

​​​Behavior with people: 

Barbecue is a people-dog for sure! She thrives on human company and can be a little demanding of your attention. That said, Barbie is responsive to firm leadership and highly trainable. 

Note that Barbecue is not a guard-dog. She loves people way too much for that. A good-looking dog like her is more at risk of being the victim of people with bad intentions than anything. She's the one who needs to be guarded. 

Behavior with children:  

Barbie has been around teenagers and has done great. In fact, a home full of teens would be a blast for her. If someone is too busy for her, she'll be glad to seek someone else for attention.

Behavior with other dogs:  

Unknown at this time but she is not showing signs of aggression towards the dogs that walk in front of her kennel. She's also more interested in going in the playroom to spend time with the volunteers than linger in the kennel area when we let her out. We actually have plans to introduce BBQ to a compatible dog soon. We believe that a doggy companion might be a great thing for her if owners are breed savvy, proceed with right introductions and assure good supervision. 

Behavior with other animals:  

Unknown. BBQ is a spirited girl with a lot of positive drive. This could translate in high prey-drive. We don't think she is the best candidate in a home with cats but she could prove us wrong. MPR doesn't have the means to do cat-intros with our dogs unless they are in a foster home with cats, which is not the case with Barbie. 


Barbecue is sometime "too smart for her own good". She would thrive in a very structured environment with an owner who could provided her with firm leadership and thorough training. She's the kind of dog that could ace obedience classes and impress everyone with her wits. She has bright eyes and a keen timing response. 

Best Attribute:   

Barbie is a beauty. Tri-colored dogs are always striking and her coat pattern is quite beautiful indeed.  Her good looks are not the only great thing about her however. Her sense of humour, her smarts and her happy drive make her a lot of fun to be around. All she needs is someone who will not let her run the show if she tries. She wants a leader and will be on her best behavior if she finds someone who will let her know they are in charge, not her. 

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