Pulled from overcrowded city pound. Baloo's good looks and friendly personality won us over. Ironically, we remember 20 years ago when blue Pit Bulls were considered "rare"... We didn’t have many in the program back then…. Now local pounds are full and half the dogs we have are blue.... 
ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Male
Age:  2 years
Weight:  65-75 lbs.
Color: Blue with some White
Good with dogs:  NA
Good with cats:  Possibly

Living Situation:

 Baloo is currently staying at MPR shelter and doing really well. He’s learning how to be a well behaved companion. He had a few accidents in his kennel when he arrived but he’s already figuring out the potty routine. He doesn’t seem aggressively reactive towards other dogs, but he gets a little frustrated when they are spending time with volunteers and he’s not. He’s learning very quickly that patience pays off though, and his turn will come. In all, he’s not a problem dog at all, and we think the big goober is full of potential as family companion.



Baloo seemed pretty innocent about family life when he came to us. He pretty much had no clue how to be a normal companion but god knows how thrilled he was to be making friends with the volunteers. Took just a week and he’s already soaking up how to become a well-mannered house pet. And he loves every minute of it. Playing is still a little strange to him but he sure has mastered the “cuddling” part of being a companion. He is indeed a very lovable and affectionate goofball. He can’t get enough attention and will do the best he can to charm everyone he meets. Cuddling sessions on the couch are his favorite thing right now, but we are working on teaching him that playing with toys is fun too.

Baloo is somewhat needy and would do best in a home with a family able to give him lots of attention. He’s not an independent dog but he’s learning to appreciate just being in the same room with everyone and enjoy their company without constantly trying to climb on their lap. If you invite him though, you will have a very dedicate lap warmer who doesn’t seem to realize how big he is.

Baloo is responsive though not submissive. He is not dominant with people either. Very well-balanced. His level of energy seems to be medium. He would do well with someone who likes going on walks or has a medium size fenced yard. He is not very high strong. More clumsy than anything else.


Behavior with people: 

Very, very, friendly. A real people-dog. He makes a happy grunt when people are around that lets you know how thrilled he is to be the center of attention. As of now, we don’t think he’s much of a guard dog, but he does look the part. He’s quite large, has a huge head with a big bone body. His appearance alone might deter someone with bad intentions but if you know him, you realize quickly what a teddy-bear he is.


Behavior with children: 

Baloo has not been with children since being with us but thus far, we have no reason to believe he would not do well in a home with children. He’s a happy-go-lucky goof and not overly rambunctious. He’s big and clumsy though, so would need to be trained around toddlers so he doesn’t accidently knock them over. Other than that, he’s very much a big teddy-bear as we said, and seems to have no malice at all.


Behavior with other dogs: 

We have not introduced Baloo to other dogs but we believe he lived with a large female before. He had an injury on the shoulder when he came to us (now healed) that might have been a puncture wound. It’s possible that he was with a grumpy dog who didn’t not appreciate his “affection”. We don’t know for sure. Right now we think he would be awesome as an only pet, but he might possibly do will with a patient, younger and playful female.


Behavior with other animals: 

Unknown. He doesn’t appear to have a high prey drive but this has not been verified.



He has a lot to learn but he is on board. Baloo is not a defiant dog, he’s just a little green. He wants to learn and has a lot of potential. Volunteers are working on teaching him basic commands. We will post more info about his learning as we know it. He is now keeping his kennel clean and has not been destructive with his bedding.


Best Attribute: 

He’s beautiful, but his big huge teddy-bear’s heart is definitely his best feature. Volunteers have quickly fallen in love with the big goof and everyone has only the best things to say about him. We think he is full of promise as a family companion.

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