Baguette: A long loaf of bread that has become an instantly recognized symbol of France. The word baguette means "wand", "baton" or "stick", as in "baguette magique" (magic wand)

Background Info:


Found as a stray and never claimed. City staff put her on the list for us to meet because they thought she was adorable and right up MPR's alley. They were right! 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Female
Age:  2-5 Years
Weight:  50 to 60 lbs.
Color:  Blue Brindle

Health Condition:

Baguette is healthy and ready for adoption.

​Physical Description:  

Baguette has short stubby legs and a long, thick body. Maybe there's some Basset Hound in there? We dont know for sure but she definitly looks comical and adorable at the same time. Her coat is a nice blue brindle and looks much better in person. 

Living Situation:  

Baguette is being transferred to a foster home out in the country, that she will share with a single adult and a male dog. She will be crated during the day when foster mom is at work. There are horses on the property and Baguette will get good socialization.  Her bio will be updated soon. 


"Couch-potato clown" is a good way to describe her. Baguette is funny, loving and easy. She will occasionally have a short bout of zoomies but nothing too intense and it doesn't last too long. For the most part, she's an expert couch-lounger a bit on the lazy side of life. 

Overall, Baguette is a very easy dog for someone looking for a laid back companion. She might not be the best one to take on a long jog though or expected to win a fly-ball contest... 

Behavior with people: 

Friendly, at ease, comfortable, super easy-going. Nothing seems to phase this one. She takes everything in stride and that includes meeting people. She's probably not the best guard dog but she has other perks. She will keep your side of the bed warm while you're at work, vacuum the kitchen floor when you drop food, patiently listen to your account of the day without interrupting, and most importantly, she will forever be your most dedicated fan. 

Behavior with children:  

She will be introduce to children in her foster home and her bio will be updated.


Behavior with other dogs:  

She will be introduce to dogs in her foster home and her bio will be updated.


Behavior with other animals:  

She will be introduce to cats in her foster home and her bio will be updated.



She's not Einstein but she's a good-hearted dog who's eager to please and to make you happy. She is naturally well-behaved and no trouble at all. 

Best Attribute: 

Impossibly cute, super easy, very loving and pleasantly calm. What more could you ask? 

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