Ava Longsocks



Ava came to MPR when her owner went thru a divorce and ended up in a small apartment in an area with BSL.  


Her mom was a blue pit and dad was supposedly an American Staffordshire terrier.  In her previous home she lived with her brother, 2 other dogs and a family with 2 kids.

ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $135
Breed:  Pit Bull Mix
Sex:  Female
Age:  10 months (dob 3/13/16)
Weight:  40 lbs.
Color:  Black with some white
Good with dogs:  Yes
Good with cats:  Yes


Even if you can’t adopt Ava, you can still help by donating for her care.


Living Situation:   Ava is currently in a foster home in the country with a fenced in yard (chain link).  She is crated at night and while her foster mom is at work.  She goes into her kennel willingly but will cry for a few minutes if she's crated where she can't see the other dogs or mom.  She respects child gates and is being crated and rotated for a slow introduction to the 2 resident dogs.  There are no children in the household.   Ava is learning to enjoy car rides and is doing better on leash.  She's not a big puller but needs work on heeling.  

Ava would be happiest in a quiet household with another compatible dog.  She was raised with 3 other dogs and is extremely submissive and timid with strangers. The resident male has barked at her from his crate (he's a handful) and she avoids walking near it now.

Personality:  Ava is very timid and submissive and is fearful of new people.  Foster mom is working on building her confidence and socialization.  Once she warms up to you she likes to snuggle and is very sweet.  She is fairly calm with the occasional burst of puppy energy.  Her personality is coming out and she can be playful.  She likes chasing a tennis ball but hasn't quite figured out that she's supposed to bring it back.  She enjoys chewing on Nylabones and gutting stuffed toys.  

​​​Behavior with people:   Ava is extremely shy of strangers but outgoing once she knows you.


Behavior with children:    She was raised with an 8 and 10 year old kid.  We are unaware of how she is with younger children. 


Behavior with other dogs:    Ava was raised with her brother and 2 non terrier dogs and did great with them.  Foster mom hasn't seen her reaction to other strange dogs but she is submissive to the 2 resident dogs.


Behavior with other animals:   Ava met the 2 resident horses and was shy but a little curious.  She showed no aggressive behaviors and didn't bark.  Ava has met a friend's cats and foster mom believes she would do well in a home with dog savvy felines.  She interacted gently with one that wanted to meet her and retreated appropriately when hissed at and warned by a different one.  She also met some chickens.  She will need monitored around them but was easily redirected off leash with chickens loose in the yard.  


Training:   Ava is very well behaved in the house.  She whines when she needs to go outside and has been fine in her crate for up to 10 hrs while foster mom was at work.  She is not a counter surfer and hasn't chewed on anything except for Nylabones and dog toys.  She knows sit and shake and working on down, stay and heeling.

Best Attribute:     Once she warms up to you, Ava just wants to be loved and is eager to please.  She enjoys curling up on the couch and putting her head in your lap.   Her sweet personality is starting to shine through.

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