A movie based on the true story of how a seal named Andre befriended a little girl and her family, circa 1962

Background Info:


Andre and Lucille were left inside an abandoned apartment. The apartment was in terrible condition and we have no idea what happened to the tenants. Someone seems to have been coming once a week or so to feed and water the dogs but other than that, they were left on their own. The dogs were confiscated and never claimed. 

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Male
Age:  1 yr
Weight:  55 lbs
Color:  Blue

Health Condition:

Very healthy, neutered and ready for his forever home.

Note that some heartless individual cropped Andre's ears very short. His ears are pretty much gone. It doesn't affect his hearing what so ever though, and he doesn't have any ear problems. If anything, having no ears makes him look like a sweet little seal... Please do not let his appearance be a reason to not give him a chance. It's not his fault someone did that to him and God only knows he deserves a chance to know that not all people are cruel.

Living Situation:  

Andre lives at MPR shelter where he's thriving. Since being with us he has been exposed to children and other dogs and has done great with everyone. He is quiet in his kennel and you can often catch him sound asleep on his back, snoozing away until his turn. He's a very happy-go-lucky boy and no trouble at all, 


​Andre is an outgoing, friendly boy who loves everyone indiscriminately, strangers and loved-ones alike. He's very easy-going and always in a good mood. He also has a very well adjusted temperament. He's not too dominant, but he's not shy at all either.  While he loves to be in the middle of the action with everyone, his level of energy is medium. Not hyper at all, but always ready for a good time. 

​​​Behavior with people: 

Andre loves everyone he meets.  Not much of a guard dog here, but a charming Casanova eager to make friends. He's the kind of dog you can take on outings and know he'll greet everyone with a smile.

Behavior with children:  

Andre is very friendly with children and enjoys their company.  He is working on his mouthiness and that's ok because all puppies go through this phase, Andre just wasn't taught properly as a young puppy.  As a result, Andre is now a very big puppy, with a big ole mouth and this combination isn't appropriate for a home with small children (12 and under).  We believe a home with older children would still be enjoyable for both parties. 

Behavior with other dogs:  

Andre has yet to meet a furry friend he did not like.  We feel that he would do well with a compatible female that enjoys a good play session. He's young and still puppyish and should adapt very well in a home with a big sister.

Behavior with other animals:  

Andre doesn't seem to have a high prey drive and isn't really interested in the squirrels and birds. He was briefly introduced to a cat and couldn't care less. He was way more interested in people. A home with a cat might be a possibility for Andre, provided the owners are breed savvy and the cat is dog-friendly.  



Andre is currently working on housebreaking, we don't think he had any sort of training prior to coming into our program. Potential adopters will need to be patient with him as he learns how to potty outside each and every time. Luckily,  he is doing great with crate training and doesn't mind being crated when home alone.


Andre should advance easily in training as he is very eager to please and treat motivated.  He has learned how to sit and lay down easily and is eager to learn more. 


Best Attribute:   

Sometimes dogs with cropped ears look more intimidating. It's not the case with Andre. He looks like a baby seal and can melt just about anyone's heart with his sweet eyes and loving smile. God only knows he's been through enough hardships in his life. He just wants to be a happy family companion now,  not some tough-looking dog for sketchy people.  Please give him a chance to show you all the love he has to give. ​

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