Alice is a fictional character who wears a blue and white dress. She has lots of imagination and is fond of showing off her knowledge. Alice is interested in others, although she sometimes makes the wrong remarks and upsets the creatures in Wonderland. She is easily put off by abruptness and rudeness of others.

Background Info

Alice lost her home due to lack of leadership and structure in a home with toddlers. She was a little confused by her loss but has since accepted her fate. She missed the train this time but we believe there's a loving family coming for her again and we promise to keep her safe until then

Health Condition:

Healthy and ready to find her forever home.

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull
Sex:  Female
Age:  1-3 mths
Weight:  50-55 lbs
Color:  Blue & White

Living Situation:  

Alice is currently living at MPR's shelter.  She has adjusted to her new life here with us and is doing as well as can be, although we can tell homeless life is not her cup of tea.  She had a family before and she obviously longs to belong again. 


Prior to coming into our program Alice lived with a family with adults and two small toddlers in the home. She enjoyed spending time in her fenced yard and took pleasure in outdoor activities. 


Alice likes going walks and is currently working on leash manners.  She does well in the car. She was kenneled during the day in her previous home while alone. Alice is potty trained, knows sit and shake commands. 


Alice has a lot of personality and her expressive face with the silly underbite is to die for.  She is a lively girl with a moderate level of energy. She also has a mellow couch-potato side. She is adaptable and likes doing what ever everyone else is up-to. 

Alice is not overly dominant but she's not a push-over or sensitive little flower either. She's a very smart lady and appreciates someone with leadership whom she can look up to. 


Alice loves walking around with a toy in her mouth and show off to everyone. She is especially fond of nylabones and Kong toys. If she's excited when greeting loved-ones, just hand her a toy and she'll immediately get under control. 

Alice is outgoing, though she can be a little unsure in certain situations. For the most part she is a happy girl who loves life and enjoys spending time with her loved-ones. 

Behavior with people: 

While Alice loves people, she comes from a situation where she didn't receive adequate leadership and structure and it has her a little confused. Nothing bad but she's a little unsure of people's intentions at times. Once she knows you are a positive leader, she wants nothing more than give your her heart and devotion. 

Behavior with children:  

Alice does well with respectable, older children.  Her experience in a home with toddlers wasn't positive, most likely due to the parents not intervening, managing and supervising correctly.


Alice never showed aggression towards the little ones but she became a little agitated around them, confused and mouthy at times. She also seems a little scared of children now. We dont blame her and for her sake, we will not place her in a home with kids under 12 years old.  


Behavior with other dogs:  

Alice needs to be an only pet.  She is a smart girl and knows that being an only doggy child gives her all that attention to herself.  We also prefer a home with a privacy fence for her or no strong exposure to other pets, as their presence makes her uncomfortable and tense.


Behavior with other animals:  

Alice would do best in a home without other 4 legged friends.  See Alice's reasoning above, haha!



Alice is housebroken, knows sit and shake commands and is very treat motivated, which helps her learn quickly.

Best Attribute:   

Her adorable underbite gives her such a cute pout and her beautiful eyes bright up her fun-loving face. The personalty fits the outfit too and Alice is an adorable little clown with a heart of gold.

Please dont let her attitude with other dogs be a reason to not give her a chance as an only pet. At least with Alice there's no gamble. She is how she is and wont surprise anyone by getting along with dogs one day and not the other day. Her needs are simple and basic; A family with leadership and structure, a large fenced yard, preferably with privacy fence, and no other for-legged creatures to share the love with. In returns she promises to be a loving and very well behaved lady, easy to please and eager to bring joy in your heart. 

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