Albus means: White. Albus is also a magical entity graced upon the earth to live amongst a wide population of muggles. Albuses are quite the rare creature and are arguably the nicest and friendliest people you will ever meet. An Albus emits an incredibly positive vibe and can easily restore one's faith in the greatness in humanity. 
Albus was found as a stray by good Samaritans in Missouri. Hard to believe no one was looking for him but despite the efforts of his saviors to find his family, Albus appeared to have been abandoned. MPR was contacted and we happened to have room in the program for an American Bulldog.
ID Number:  #29414496
Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  American Bulldog
Sex:  Male (neutered)
Age:  12 to 16 months
Weight:  Growing
Color: White
Good with dogs:  Yes
Good with cats:  Yes
Living Situation: Albus is fostered in a home with older children, a larger female dog and 2 cats. He is getting great socialization and learning how to become a well behaved family companion. There is a large fenced yard in the home with a tall chain link fence. Albus is crated when no one is home. 
Personality: Albus is a friendly puppy, though a little insecure. He needs to learn about the world right now and his foster home is providing him with lots of socialization. He is curious and alert but somewhat unsure of himself when introduced to new situations. He is not shy though but startles easily. He is developing confident now that he is fostered with an experienced family. 
Albus is pretty laid back for a pup his age. He loves to lounge on the couch or follow his loved-ones around. No matter what you're doing, Albus wants to be right there with you. 
Note that Albie is terrified of cars. Foster mom tries to take him on short trips but it's not helping much so far. It takes 10 min or so for him to get out of scaredy-pants mode after a car ride.


Behavior with people: Albus likes people but needs a few seconds to warm up. He’s a pretty typical Bulldog in the sense that he’s slightly more reserved with strangers than a Pit Bull for example. He’s the kind of dog that will give his whole heart to his family and be a loyal friend to the end.

Behavior with children: Albus needs a home with patient and gentle people that will help him build up confidence. Though he does well with the teenagers in his foster home, Albus is not comfortable around small kids. He doesn't act aggressively but just cowards & runs. Teens, adults, male, female, he does just fine. 


Behavior with other dogs: Albus has been introduced to the adult female dog in the house and everything is going well. They act like they've always known each other. The presence of another dog is actually helping Albus come out of his shell a little. He could be placed in a home with a compatible dog or as an only pet. 


Behavior with other pets: Albus has met the cats and seems pretty un-phased. Foster mom believes he would be fine to live in a home with a cat.


Training: Albus is currently being crate trained and housebreaking is in progress. 


Best Attribute: Albus has definitely mastered the art of melting hearts with his sweet puppy eyes. He’s quite irresistible indeed. 

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