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Tallulah is a character in Barbie "The Island Princess". She is a friendly, stylish and prissy monkey from the South Seas. She is very civilized and wouldn't want to eat anything without a knife and fork.

Background Info:

This gorgeous gal was found by a member of the public and brought to the local pound. Sadly, nobody ever claimed her. We don’t have any information about her background, but we knew she would be a great fit for our program.

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 1-3 yo
Weight: 38-48 lbs
Health Condition:

Healthy and ready for adoption.

Physical Description:

Tallulah is a very small girl but makes up for it with her big energy! She has a healthy black and brown coat with a splash of white on her chest. Her dark eyes are very inquisitive. She’s athletic and loves to play and run (mostly zoomies)!

Current Living Situation:

Tallulah lives in a home with her foster dad who works remotely. She is out most of the day while he’s at home. Crate training is in process and it’s where she stays when home alone and when she sleeps at night. Tallulah has had occasional accidents inside the house. Never in her crate, just when she’s loose in the house and it’s very rarely when she has an accident.

Tallulah shares her space with an 8-year-old male Staffy. After very slow and proper introductions, the pair seem to get along. They have a fenced yard which Tallulah gets regular supervised access to. She also goes on a daily walk.


This sweetheart has high energy as a young dog, but she’s easy to handle. She loves to chew on her toys and while she’s a bit rambunctious at times, she has a middle ground personality. Tallulah likes to relax and nap in the sunshine, but it’s almost like she’s getting charged up with solar energy. 😂 She gets the zoomies two or three times per day where she runs around the house at top speed until she’s let outside into the yard.

Behavior with people:

She tends to love everyone she meets, but she gets excited and needs some time to warm up to new people entering the home. Foster dad says she needs about three minutes of structured introductions and then she’s totally fine.

Behavior with children:


Behavior with other dogs:

It took about two and half weeks of slow introductions with Tallulah’s foster brother, but now they are as thick as thieves! They most of their time together and are only separated at bedtime and when they are fed. The male Staffy is older and not as high energy, but Tallulah is good at reading him and adapting her play appropriately. She also loves to interact with the dogs on the other side of their fence and wants to play. She could possibly live with a compatible male after slow introductions that can handle her energy.

Behavior with other animals:

She has a high prey drive and chases birds, squirrels, and rabbits. She has not had any interactions with cats, but she would likely chase them too. A home without small animals is recommended.


As mentioned, she's mostly house broken but has had two small accidents inside. They were near the door to go outside, so she was trying to do the right thing! Tallulah is almost fully crate trained, though she still complains when she’s crated, and hears activity in other rooms. Just a case of FOMO 😉 She sometimes get caught chewing on furniture, but she stops immediately when corrected. She is eager to please, which makes her very trainable, but she’s young and needs some more work.

For tricks, she's a “sit” champion! Foster dad is working on other tricks, slowly, but surely - place, stay, come, etc.

Best Attribute:

Tallulah is quite the sweetheart with a goofy personality. Her little face speaks volumes, and she loves being near people and her foster brother. She's a pint-sized pit mix with all the personality you could ever want in a dog. She's loving and cuddly, full of energy, and hilarious.

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Sex: Spayed Female
Age: 1-3 yo
Weight: 38-48 lbs

Missouri Pit Bull Rescue makes no express or implied warranty, representation or promise to the age, health, breed, habits, disposition, behaviors, obedience, or safety of the dogs in our program. Our assessments are subjective and based on information we receive when selecting the dogs for our program, as well as observations and reports from our volunteers and caretakers. ​Adopters understand that no one can predict how a dog will react under all circumstances and situations.

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