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The name Liona is primarily a female name of Italian origin that means "Lioness".

Background Info:

Another mystery. Why was this gorgeous dog roaming Kansas City streets alone and unloved when found by good Samaritans? We will never know and are quite puzzled in fact. Liona is such a beauty and has a wonderful disposition. For some inexplicable reason, someone gave up on her, but we made it clear to this sweetheart that she will never find herself in such predicament again.

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed: American Bully
Sex: Female
Age: 2-5 yo
Weight: 60-70 lbs
Health Condition:

Liona is healthy and ready for adoption.

Physical Description:

Liona is a beautiful American Bully type dog with the stance of minipig. She has short, chunky legs, a huge pumpkin head, and precious hazel eyes. She is built like a Mack truck but looks like a roly-poly. We love this funny girl!

Current Living Situation:

Liona is fostered in a home with two adults and no other pets. There is a large unfenced yard in her home, so Liona goes on daily walks. She is let out on a cable to relieve herself when needed and is learning to do her business when tied up. She doesn't like the cable and will try to hold it in forever, but being off-leash is not an option.

Liona does well in a crate but foster mom says she doesn't need to be crated when home alone. She has been non-destructive so far, and she's not big on tearing up toys, shoes, etc. Liona is therefore left free to roam the house at night and when home alone. She is very quiet and has yet to bark at a knock, doorbell, unusual noises, or even another dog walking by.

She sleeps with someone in bed and unsurprisingly, enjoys this arrangement quite a bit.

Foster moms takes her on lots of outings and Liona looooooves car rides. We are told that she is easy to handle and very well-behaved.

A word from foster mom:

"This girl is obsessed with car rides. Every time she goes outside she will go straight to the car. She is very well-behaved in the car, as she just wants to feel the wind between her cheeks. She loves outings and is as easy as can be and very manageable on a leash. She will not pull, but you might have to pull her if she's tired enough. In fact, Liona is very calm and even quite lazy. She is gentle when you hand her anything that is edible.

I believe she would thrive in a home with a loving and gentle family or even with a retired person who wants and easy companion. Liona seems a little anxious around loud sounds, but she is improving. Please note that Liona is a seat snatcher; If you get up she will take your place automatically, lol!"


Liona has a very calm and easy temperament. She has shown no signs of aggression, even when she struggled with a UTI and had to go to the vet. She is a very loving, cuddly dog. She loves to rest her big head anywhere on your body.

Behavior with people:

Liona warms up to everyone very quickly. She waits to be greeted first and once you've proven to be accepting of her attention, up on your lap she goes, lovingly resting her big head on your chest. She's a doll!

Behavior with children:

Liona has a sweet and gentle heart, but she prefers the company of adults. We did a trial with her in a home with kids and it was too much for her. Adults only for this gorgeous gal :)

Behavior with other dogs:

Liona hasn't been formally introduced to other dogs. However, when she was on a walk recently she did get the chance to meet another dog who unpredictably ran up to her unrestrained. Liona was very calm during this impromptu meeting and even a little submissive. She showed no signs of aggression and was actually happy to say "hi." Her foster mom believes that with a proper introduction, there's a good chance that Liona could do well with a compatible male who would not overwhelm her with too much energy or rough play.

Behavior with other animals:

Liona has shown a very low prey drive. She is still figuring out what squirrels and bunnies are and she has no desire to approach them. Her behavior with cats is unknown.


Liona has been housebroken in her foster home and seems crate trained. She doesn't mind sleeping in her crate with it open. Liona knows "sit" and we are currently working on "shake" and laying down. Like most bulldogs, Liona can occasionally be stubborn; especially when it comes to coming back inside when she is still enjoying the fresh air.

Best Attribute:

Liona has such a wonderful smile. She looks at you with appreciation and love. She is grateful to have a caring foster home and people to love her. She is also very lazy, which for some can be a positive thing. This sweet girl will melt into your arms with adoration and love.

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed: American Bully
Sex: Female
Age: 2-5 yo
Weight: 60-70 lbs

Missouri Pit Bull Rescue makes no express or implied warranty, representation or promise to the age, health, breed, habits, disposition, behaviors, obedience, or safety of the dogs in our program. Our assessments are subjective and based on information we receive when selecting the dogs for our program, as well as observations and reports from our volunteers and caretakers. ​Adopters understand that no one can predict how a dog will react under all circumstances and situations.

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