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In spanish the word Joya means jewelry, gem, or treasure. In latin origin it means joy.

Background Info:

Joya was found abandoned at a park at 5 months old, and she was then brought

into the city shelter before joining the MPR program. It is unknown what those

fist few months of her life looked like.

Adoption Fee: $300
Breed: Pit Bull/Cane Corso mix
Sex: Female
Age: 5-10 mths
Weight: Growing
Health Condition:

Joya experiences some minor skin irritation that we are finding a solution for, but other than that she is happy, healthy, and ready for adoption.

Physical Description:

Joya is the cutest pre-teen puppy around! She's almost completely blue/gray with white on her chest, and a tiny bit of white on her nose and on a couple of toes. She has beautiful light brown eyes, big ole feet, and a long tail. Unfortunately her ears are cropped, but they are still very expressive!

Current Living Situation:

Joya is currently living in a cozy foster home with one adult and a few furry foster siblings. There are two dogs who are 20-30 pounds, eight and ten years old, as well as a two year old cat in the home that all get along great! There is a four foot chain link fence in the backyard, which Joya respects.

Joya's foster mom works from home, but any time she leaves the house Joya stays in her kennel. She also sleeps in her kennel at night with no problems at all. She hasn't been on too many outings so far but she is learning to walk on a leash and has met several other dogs to help socialize her.


Joya is still a puppy so she does have periods of high energy and excitement. That said, when she settles down she is a total cuddle bug who wants to snuggle and nap.

She is eager to please and very responsive. She loves to learn and responds well to treats and praise. She is so outgoing and friendly! So far she hasn’t met a person she doesn’t love and thinks everyone is her best friend.

JOYA LOVES TO PLAY! She can be rambunctious at times, but when playing with her furry foster siblings, she respects the small dogs when they signal to her that they've had enough. She could do great in a home with another dog who loves to play and rough house.

Behavior with people:

Joya loves everyone she meets! She’s inquisitive and comfortable. With her outgoing personality, she doesn’t take any time at all to warm up to new people. Pretty much everyone who meets her falls in love with this silly puppy.

Behavior with children:

Joya has not met any children under ten, but she loves older kids just as much as adults! While she would probably also love small children, she might be too rambunctious for them. She doesn’t have any body awareness and would easily knock a small child down with excitement or just not paying attention.

Behavior with other dogs:

Joya LOVES other dogs! With slow introductions, she gets along very well with the smaller, older dogs in her foster home. She loves to play rough with her foster brother and would do great in a home with another dog who likes to play. She has a slightly grumpy foster sister that never wants to play and has made that clear to Joya. Joya learned quickly to respect her space and not push it with her. She’s smart cookie and with slow intros and supervision, she figured out how to fit into her foster home.

Behavior with other animals:

In her foster home, Joya lives with a cat and as much as she tries, she can’t help but chase and bother the cat. They coexist in the foster home, mostly because the cat is very patient. Many cats may not have the same level of patience with her, so we think Joya would do best in a home without cats.


Joya is super smart, eager to please, and responsive. She loves to show off the tricks she's learned and wants to learn more! Her foster mom has taught her to lay down and high-five and she already knew how to sit. She is very treat motivated and learns new things super fast. Joya would do great in a puppy training class or an agility class because she’s such a fun and active girl. She needs a little more work on a leash but will be a good walking/running buddy when she masters that!

Best Attribute:

Everything?! Joya is a wonderful girl who’s going to make a great companion. She has the best personality! She’s so sweet, smart, outgoing, and even when she’s a little stinker she’s so dang cute. Joya is a clown who makes everyone laugh and she’s absolutely beautiful. She loves everyone and she’s always happy to see you. This girl is really special.

Adoption Fee: $300
Breed: Pit Bull/Cane Corso mix
Sex: Female
Age: 5-10 mths
Weight: Growing

Missouri Pit Bull Rescue makes no express or implied warranty, representation or promise to the age, health, breed, habits, disposition, behaviors, obedience, or safety of the dogs in our program. Our assessments are subjective and based on information we receive when selecting the dogs for our program, as well as observations and reports from our volunteers and caretakers. ​Adopters understand that no one can predict how a dog will react under all circumstances and situations.

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