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Angelina Jolie is an American actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian, known for her remarkable beauty. Jolie means "pretty" in french.

Background Info:

Jolie was brought to the pound by a good Samaritan after being found as a stray. We dont know her past history but the scars on he body tell a story or neglect and heartless exploitation as a breeding-machine.

We wanted to give this deserving dog a name that would celebrate her inner beauty and strength. We named her after the beautiful actress who went public about her health issues, and underwent a prophylactic bilateral mastectomy to reduce her risk of developing breast cancer.

Health Condition:
Jolie escaped what looks like years of over-breeding which left her in dire need of medical care. She recently underwent a complete mastectomy in order to remove several lumps and severely stretched skins under her belly. The surgery was a success and the biopsy came back negative for cancer! We are thrilled!

Physical Description:
Jolie is short in stature, stocky but petite. This sweetheart was in terrible condition when rescued. Years of being used as a breeding-machine and dog-fighting damaged her body and left her covered in scars. She might not be the prettiest dog in the world; her inner beauty shines through her sweet eyes.

Note that the pictures above were taken prior to her surgery. Jolie now has a flat stomach and you can hardly tell she ever had puppies before :-) We will post new pictures soon.

Living Situation:
Jolie is fostered with a single woman in a home with no other pets. There is a large fenced yard in her home. Jolie is in the process of being crate trained but suffers from separation anxiety.

Foster mom tells us that Jolie is very calm and mild-mannered. She's past the age of hyper but still has a silly personality that shines through when she sees her leash or knows she has a treat coming.

Jolie has exhibited some separation anxiety and has shown that she can escape a kennel if she really wants to. We are managing this with some mild anxiety medication and an escape-proof kennel. Since her foster mom works from home and isn't gone often, we are slowly showing her that it's okay to be home alone and that her caretakers will always come back for her; this is likely rooted from a fear of being abandoned as she once was.

Jolie loves field trips and gets adorably excited when she sees her leash revealed from the closet. She spends her days napping in her fluffy dog bed but also accepts any invitation to cuddle on the couch. Her temperament is very calm - she doesn't require walks or long games of fetch. She just needs a comfy spot to lie and the occasional soft treat for being such a good girl. Her ideal living situation would include a family that works from home or is retired and doesn't have any other pets.

Behavior with people:
Jolie loves EVERYONE. and has never met a stranger! She flirts with every visitor that comes by, even the poor dishwasher repair technician that she couldn't stay away from. She loves anyone that will give her love. She will ask for cuddles from anybody. Although she was a breeding machine for presumably many years, we don't believe she was heavily abused in the typical sense, because she is so friendly and loving with both men and women. She is not fearful of anyone and trusts everyone.

Behavior with children:
While there are no children in her foster home, she has met little nieces and nephews and foster mom claims she does amazing with them.

Behavior with other dogs:
Jolie needs to be an only pet. She was possibly used for dog-fighting and while she still dearly loves people despite her ordeal, she is definitely stressed out around other dogs. We will not place her in a home with other pets.

Behavior with other animals:
Jolie needs to be an only pet.

Jolie is housebroken. We are working on simple commands but she does come when called and has learned common phrases such as 'wanna go outside' and 'time for bed' and gladly follows along when those behaviors are suggested.

Best Attribute:
Jolie's best trait has to be her resilience. She had a life of profit-making for some selfish breeder out there, and she doesn't seem to hold a grudge at all. She loves all people and wants nothing more than to be loved right back. She is not needy or high maintenance and enjoys her simple days of lounging around. She will make the perfect pet for anyone that has a relatively calm lifestyle and wants a buddy to keep company!

Adoption Fee: $200
Breed: Pit Bull
Sex: Female
Age: 2-5 yrs
Weight: 40-50 lbs

Missouri Pit Bull Rescue makes no express or implied warranty, representation or promise to the age, health, breed, habits, disposition, behaviors, obedience, or safety of the dogs in our program. Our assessments are subjective and based on information we receive when selecting the dogs for our program, as well as observations and reports from our volunteers and caretakers. ​Adopters understand that no one can predict how a dog will react under all circumstances and situations.

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