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Lightbulbs were named after one of the original generators; Thomas Edison, but today, serve as a throwback to an original classic symbol of strength.

Background Info:

Edison arrived to the city shelter as a stray and was never claimed. We have no information regarding his background and up-bringing.
Adoption Fee: $ 100
Breed: Pit Bull mix
Sex: Male
Age: 8-12 mts
Weight: Growing
Health Condition:
Healthy and ready for adoption.

Physical Description:
Edison is a tall and lean teenage boy with lanky features and blue brindle patches. He is still growing and developing muscle. He will be a little taller than average when full grown.

Current Living Situation:
Edison is fostered in a home with a young female Pit Bull and an elderly mix-breed male. He lives with a single mom and her teenage son.

Edison is crated when home alone and at night and we are told he is amazing in his crate! Quiet and goes right in when told.

Though still very young, Edison is mostly housebroken. He does his very best at not having anymore accidents in the house. He is very good at alerting his foster mom when he needs to go outside with a little whimper.

The integration with the other dogs in his foster home is in progress. With a very slow introduction process, Edison is now playing in the backyard with his foster dog sister. Inside they have appropriate play with a dog gate between them when needed. There is a 4-foot picket wood fence in the yard. Edison is never alone outside, always supervised and comes right in when told so.

Edison first came into foster care not knowing what love from a human was in his short few months of life. We believe he was separated from his mom and siblings early in life, so he didn’t learn social cues. With patience and hand feeding every meal by his foster mom he began to trust a human's hands. Edison can be very head strong if he doesn’t have good leadership to follow. Snuggling is a new concept for him but one he is thoroughly learning to enjoy.

Edison can get overwhelmed towards the end of a long walk so he’s best to keep them to medium ones for now. Growing boy does like his beauty sleep!

Boy does he love car rides for a destination walk, or even just to run his foster human brother to school!

Edison’s ideal living situation would have breed savvy adults who can continue to ensure him he is forever safe with them. Edison could do well with a compatible female of his size or larger. Older teenagers are best for Edison as he loves little kids a little too much at his age.

Edison is a high-energy dog, smart and responsive. He has been working on trusting his humans and is improving greatly! Loud noises and unknown objects can still be alarming to him, but with the trust in his foster mom he is learning that the world isn’t so bad after all. Edison can become overstimulated at times but nothing a good nap in his bed doesn’t fix. He is working on his mouthy behavior and is redirected nicely with treats and working his commands.

Behavior with people:
Edison has been working hard on learning how to greet people and is showing great improvement! He sits nicely most of the time, especially when on walks and a neighbor walks up to say hello. He has been getting high praises when his foster grandma comes by in the middle of the day to let him outside. Foster grandma says “Edison never jumps and sits at the door for me to open it then comes right back inside and goes back to his crate for his treat!” When house guests are sitting on the sofa it can be hard to resist not jumping into their laps but he does give kisses after that surprise!

Behavior with children:
While Edison Loves kids of all ages and greets them nicely on walks while on the leash, he would do best in a house with older teenagers. Edison is a teenager himself and hasn’t quite figured out his size can be too much for little ones. Edison does get mouthy at times but is working hard on saving that for his toys!

Behavior with other dogs:
Edison has been slowly introduced to his foster sister and loves to run and wrestle with her outside. Edison is working on his confidence around small dogs believe it or not! He seems to be very confused by them and really doesn’t want to give them a try yet.

Behavior with other animals:
Edison is still figuring out if he wants to have a lot of prey drive or not. Sometimes he chases the squirrels and rabbits and other times he just does his business in the yard with them. It seems he could start to really chase them when he matures.

Boy is he smart! Like, wicked smart! He is crate trained and he won’t make a peep. He even holds it for 10 hours some days while foster mom is at work. Edison picked up on his basic commands immediately! To keep him from getting bored he was advanced with trick commands, which he also mastered. Edison knows sit, down, wait, place, leave it, touch hand, touch door and touch block. I feel like I missed some? Haha! Edison likes to be challenged and have his foster mom only use the hand signals and no voice sometimes!

Edison would benefit from a home that has the time to work his commands throughout his interactions with his family. Quick ten minute sessions made into a game can really wear this boy's mind out and that’s what he likes! The more challenged he is, the better house dog he will be for you!

Edison can be a little troublemaker if left to his own devices and not worked with. He thrives off discipline and games that exercise his mind and body.

Best Attributes:
I would have to say Edison’s best attribute is his eagerness to learn. He works hard to learn quickly and get his reward treats and snuggles!

Adoption Fee: $ 100
Breed: Pit Bull mix
Sex: Male
Age: 8-12 mts
Weight: Growing

Missouri Pit Bull Rescue makes no express or implied warranty, representation or promise to the age, health, breed, habits, disposition, behaviors, obedience, or safety of the dogs in our program. Our assessments are subjective and based on information we receive when selecting the dogs for our program, as well as observations and reports from our volunteers and caretakers. ​Adopters understand that no one can predict how a dog will react under all circumstances and situations.

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