Adelie Penguin

Named after the adelie penguins of Antartica for a bright white belly and dark black back.
Adelie Penguin was found wandering the streets of Kansas city and was rescued by KCPP. She had wounds from a severely embedded collar and was battling kennel cough. Her adorable overbite was just too cute for our intake volunteer to resit. This puppy sure is easy to love...
Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pitbull
Sex:  Female (s)
Age:  6-8 Months
Weight:  40 lbs and growing
Color:  Black with white markings
Good with dogs:  yes
Good with cats:  unknown

Health Condition:

Adelie Penguin (Addie) has been spayed and is up to date on all vaccinations. She had an under the arm caused by an imbedded harness but it’s all healed up. You can’t even tell when this poor baby went through before her rescue. The wounds in her heart are also gone 😊

​​Adelie is properly a mix bully breed. She has a very unique, funny-looking and totally irresistible overbite. She’s a doll!!!!  She is not full grown yet, but should not be very large as an adult.

Living Situation:  

Adelie Penguin is fostered in a home with two adults, three teenage children and two adult Pit Bulls. She is getting the best socialization possible and at an early stage in life. She gets along fabulously with all members of the family and couldn't have asked for a better foster home to learn what family life is all about. She is soaking it up like water in the desert.  


Adelie Penguin is living in suburban neighborhood with a nice large fenced in yard. She would love to have a fenced yard in her new home too but it’s not a deal breaker. As long as she is loved and pampered, she’s happy. Adelie is going through crate training and has had no problems. She is working on simple commands and is loving all the fun she is getting with her foster family. 

We need to add a special mention about Adelie’s favorite activity of all; Car rides! She’s actually a little obsessed with car rides and will happily jump in any car she sees given the opportunity.


As if her cute face and adorable overbite don't say it all?! Adelie Penguin is a super loving and sweet gal.  She loves to give hugs!!!!!  Cuddling is a daily favorite, as well as just being with her people, enjoying a family that loves her. Adelie is under a year old, and still very much a puppy. That said, what a well-behaved sweetheart!  ​She really is no trouble at all and her foster family raves about her sweet nature and great disposition.

Adelie is very stable and well adjusted. She doesn’t have a dominant personality but is not shy either. She really is a very sweet, gentle and docile dog with a loving and eager-to-please disposition.  She should make an easy companion to just about anyone. If anything, she is a little needy when it comes to affection and attention but not in a defiant way at all. It’s impossible to resist her sweet face anyway, which makes her very happy. We think she has pretty much mastered the art of making everyone fall in love with her.

Another great thing about Addie is her adaptability. We think she would do well with any lifestyle; A big family, a single parent, a young couple, etc. A big house on acreage or a small apartment in the city or anything in between. She’ll fit right in!

​​​Behavior with people: 

Adelie is a real little love. People are drawn to her because of that irresistible face and those big brown eyes that melt your heart and she looooooves the attention. First thing she does when meeting someone is to give them a hug, Lol!  She knows how to sell herself for sure. That said, she is not brutal with her demonstration of love. In fact, she has a petite built and is rather gentle. She’s very affectionate too and loves to cuddle.


Behavior with children:  

Adelie currently lives with three teenaged children (12 yo daughter and 14 yo twins) and enjoys all of their kisses and snuggles. She is great with the kids and would do well growing up in a family with children. In fact, the children in her foster home are very involved with the caretaking of the dogs and Adelie has been easy for them to handle.


Behavior with other dogs:  

Adelie is fostered with two adult Pit Bulls, one male and one female. She does great with both of them, even though the resident female has been snobbing her a little bit.  The male is a big rambunctious boy who likes to play hard and she’s able to keep up with him. She has been looking up to her older foster siblings and getting life tips from them as well. She makes an awesome little sister.


Behavior with other animals:  

She's mildly interested in squirrels or birds. Normal puppy curiosity. There are reptiles in the foster homes and while curious of the large tortoise at first, she quickly lost interest. There’s no cats in the foster home. 



Adelie is getting tons of good training in and is such a good sport about it all. She is currently crate trained during the day for about 7 hours and sleeps in her crate at night, with no whining or destruction. She does not use her kennel as a restroom but her foster family is still working on potty training and says she is coming along well.


Adelie enjoys her walks and the 12 year old daughter has no trouble taking her on walks. 


She is very treat motivated and will breeze through training. 

Best Attribute:   

Her hugs are a real treat.  If you motion for her to come up, she'll give you a big hug. Her personality is the sweetest. Her disposition is remarkable. But that face; that silly, funny, irresistible face... This puppy will have no trouble making you fall in love with her and her amazing temperament will surely keep you in love for the rest of her life.

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