Ace Cluck

Ace "Chicken Little" Cluck is the titular protagonist of the film of the same name. Chicken Little is nice, good-natured, sweet, caring, funny, and pleasant. He is also quite intelligent, clever, and level-headed.

Background Info:

Ace's past life is a sad one that we never want any animal to live.  Ace was seized for cruelty after being chained to a tree with no food, water, or shelter, emaciated and  eaten alive by flies.  When he first came into the shelter he was unsure if he was out of harm's way and tried hiding in the back of his kennel.  When staff and volunteers would visit him he instantly warmed up, always ending up in their lap.  We knew Ace was meant for our program.  This sweet, innocent boy just wants love and a safe place to call his own.  

Adoption Fee: $150
Breed:  Pit Bull mix
Sex:  Male
Age:  1-3 yrs
Weight:  48-58 lbs
Color:  White & Tan

Health Condition:

Ace is healthy and ready for adoption.. The little guy did have a bad case of

fly bites at the time of his rescue but his head and ears have since healed well.

You can't even tell what happened to him unless you look hard. 



Physical Description:  

We can't tell you enough how ridiculously cute this little guy is. It's possible there is some Frenchy in there. Ace has short legs but a long and stubby body. He has a big head with the cutest face and one of his eyes is a striking blue ice. Very unusual looking and impossibly adorable. 


Living Situation:  

Ace is soaking up the good life at MPR's shelter, loving every minute of attention, comfort and good care he's finally getting. This dog knows a good thing when he gets it and has gone out of his way to show his appreciation by being a well-behaved little guest. No trouble at all in his kennel. He lets himself out through the doggy-door to use the outside run to do his business and keeps his inside kennel and bedding nice and neat. He is not reactive towards other dogs and seems all around thrilled to be in our care. 



As we pictured he would be when we first met him, Ace has blossomed into a comical, outgoing and super friendly little guy, always happy to see people and always in a good mood. He's quite the character and seems to enjoy making people laugh. And just the look of him will bring a smile in your face, let alone  his adorable clownish charm.

Ace is very well-balanced, pretty easy-going and not very athletic. He is eager to adjust his pace to his loved-ones as long as the pace is not too fast. He might be a little more on the laid-back side but enjoys playing and goofing around too. 

Behavior with people: 

Very friendly and people-oriented. Ace does get a little mouthy when greeting people and showing his excitement to spend time with someone, but nothing that can't be managed. Little guy is using his mouth to bond and just needs to learn that it is not an appropriate behavior, even though we understand his desire to belong. Dogs that have been neglected during puppyhood often resort to puppy behaviors when they finally have a chance to interact with people. They go through the normal development phases they should have been able to do at a younger age. Time, leadership  and consistency are key to correct the issue and help them become well-adjusted adults. 

In fact, Ace has already made great progress and knows that nibbling on hands is not the best way to win someone's heart. He's figured out other ways to charm the gallery and its working. WE love that happy-go-lucky little guy to pieces. 


Behavior with children:  

We think this little clown would enjoy a home with outgoing and respectful kids, and children would certainly love that funny goofball Since Ace is currently going through the puppy phases he would have normally done when he was smaller though, older children that are big enough to enjoy a playful pup are recommended. 


Behavior with other dogs:  

Ace met other dogs before and did ok with females. He is dominant with males. A home with a compatible female and with owners that are breed savvy should be fine. Ace is more of a people-dog however and doesn't seem overly eager to make doggy friends. 


Behavior with other animals:  

Ace is fostered in a home with cats and so far so good. He has tried to chase them a littler but overall he's pretty laid back and responsive and foster parents are keeping him under control. The cats are dog-savvy.


Ace is not showing too much interest in squirrels when he's out in the yard. 



Ace is naturally easy to handle. He's actually a breeze to have around. Our volunteers are working on teaching him basic manners and to learn about home-life. He is "acing" it ;-) 

Best Attribute:   

He's just a comical little clown who looks very much like Chicken Little. He just as adorable on the inside as he is on the outside. Pictures make him look bigger but he's a little under 50lbs and rather short. With a moderate to low level of energy, Ace should do well in just about any home that isn't looking for a marathon runner. 

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