8 is Enough! Puppies (9 is too much)


It’s puppy time! 5 girls, 4 boys. Puppies are 7 weeks old.

The litter has been divided between 4 foster homes. In order to help with socialization, all but 1 puppy are fostered with at least one of their sibling. The other puppy is fostered in a home with a puppy. There are other pets in the foster homes. Some are fostered in homes with children. All foster homes are in the Kansas City MO area.

ID Number:  #
Adoption Fee: $150
Breed: Pit Bull Mix
Sex:  5 Females & 3 Males
Age:  7 weeks
Weight:  Growing
Color:  Various
Good with dogs:  Yes
Good with cats:  Probably


Even if you can’t adopt a puppy, you can still help by donating for their care.


It’s puppy time! 5 girls, 3 boys. Puppies are 7 weeks old.


Freya (f):  Adopted
Boodica (f):   Adopted
Sadie (f):   Adopted
Jagger (f): Adopted
Missy (f): : Adopted


Chief (m): Adopted
Bowie (m): Adopted
Mikey (m): Adopted

Bruce (m):  Adopted


We have different adoption options available that will be discussed with our adoption coordinators if your application is considered. Please understand that we can’t possibly answer everyone’s questions on Facebook. The best way to get more information is to fill out an application. Please BE PATIENT and understanding. MPR is entirely run by volunteers, most of us with full-time jobs outside of rescue, family lives, etc. We will do our very best to process applications as quickly as we can.


Here’s what we know about the puppies. They were surrendered by the owner of the momma dog. The owner kept the mom. No one knows who the dad is. He was a stray and nobody witnessed the mating. Mom appears to be a full-blooded Pit Bull. She is tan and has a great disposition. Since we don’t know the breed, size and temperament of the father, we can’t tell what those puppies will look like as adults. We also don’t know if they have inherited any defect, physically or mentally, from the dad. None of the puppy is currently exhibiting alarming or abnormal puppy behaviors. They all appear well-adjusted little guys and girls.


We do not “hold” puppies unless a reservation contract is signed and a deposit of $150.00 is made. Our adoption coordinators will explain the options. We expect to receive a good amount of applications. We already have several applications in process before posting those pictures. Please don’t be upset if your application is not a match. We have several other dogs in the program that need a home just as much as the puppies. Puppy placements will be based on “compatibility”.


Our goal is to find each puppy a home that fits their need for the rest of their life - Not to get rid of unwanted pups quickly and at any cost. Local adoptions are preferred but don’t be afraid to apply if you are out-of-state, provided you can drive to KCMO to pick up your puppy. We do long distance adoptions on a regular basis. 




This dog needs a Bully Hero - Click here to help this sweetheart!
Can't adopt but want to help? Every dollar makes a difference!



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